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Mr. Itay Atzmon

Age: 53

Marital status: married,

has three grown up sons.

Lives in Kfar Shmuel, Israel.

An agronomist, a graduate of the school of agronomics of the Hebrew University, 1981.

Has been growing fruit tree plantations since 1978. Served as an instructor of planters in the Israeli ministry of agriculture in the years

1990-2007. An expert in pomegranate breeding, in deciduous fruit trees, and in persimmon growers. Over the years, Mr. Atzmon has collaborated with experts from "Volcani" institute and commercial companies like "Netafim", "Phytech" , and "Rahan Breeding" in order to promote research and knowledge in fruit tree breeding in Israel. In February 2007, Mr. Atzmon has been working as a freelancer, consulting planters all over the world, as well as promoting research and applying subjects like pesticide, usage of uplifting and awakening treatments and materials. Mr. Atzmon serves as an expert advisor in big projects around the world both in breeding processes of fruit trees and processing the fruits after harvesting them.  The activities in big scale projects like in China, Turkmenistan, Argentina, and Chile include probability surveys made prior to the actual construction of the plantations. Mr. Atzmon participates on a regular basis in international conferences in the field of fruit trees growing. 





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